“The new MyDesktop experience simplifies and supercharges the most common activity (adding and finding contacts/properties) saving agents valuable time each day”

– Benjamin Paton, Head of Product, MyDesktop

If you haven’t already, you’ll notice some changes to the look and feel of your MyDesktop interface very soon. We’ve improved functionality of your Contacts and Properties pages, and have built you a new navigation and header bar to streamline your experience when toggling between pages.

All of these changes have been prioritised based on feedback and concerns from users just like you.

And while we truly believe this is the best experience available to you, we get that you might be hesitant to give it a try. But don’t worry – you’ll have the option of toggling in and out of the new experience whenever you like.

When will I see the new MyDesktop experience?

To see these changes, you’ll need to log in using your Domain Group account rather than your MyDesktop account credentials.

In the coming months (if you haven’t been already) you’ll be prompted to upgrade your MyDesktop account to a new Domain Group account. The main difference is that Domain accounts require an email address and password to login.

Once you’ve upgraded to a Domain Group account, you’ll be able to use those single login details to access more Domain products, like Domain Agent Admin and Pricefinder.

We hope you enjoy your first look at the new experience!

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact us at product@mydesktop.com.au