Over the last year, one of the largest areas of feedback we have received is customer service speed and accessibility. We have taken leaps and bounds, with investment into the support team, increasing the number of great people helping answer your questions and they are faster than ever with typical response times down to a day.

On top of this, we have been building a first class support experience in our Agent Help Centre. Agent Help Centre will be available to all our users and will bring together:

  • A searchable knowledge base
  • Ability to view training videos, webinars and sign up to webinars and face to face training with our fantastic Customer Success team.
  • Receive the latest feature updates and news from the MyDesktop team.
  • See current system alerts, and ‘trending’ articles.
  • Log your support tickets and keep track of their progress.

This is a massive step forward and you, our users, are guaranteed to love it.


How do you access Agent Help Centre?


Simply click the ‘?’ icon in the top right hand corner of MyDesktop. Previously this contained all the help links, now it will take you through to the Agent Help Centre.


What does Agent Help Centre do?


Let’s go through in depth the functionality of the new Agent Help Centre.


Searchable Knowledge Base


We have taken the old Google doc help manual from MyDesktop and broken it down into individual help articles that can now be searched by keywords. For example, want more information on Sales Trust, simple type ‘Sales Trust’ into the search box and relevant articles will appear. A searchable knowledge base means you can find your answers quicker, and get back to serving your customers.

Now each individual article has been re-written in a ‘how to’ style, so it isn’t just telling you that Sales Trust is a feature of MyDesktop, but also running you through how to use it. Each article will link to other relevant articles, and we will also actively suggest relevant articles. The first article you choose to read may not contain everything you need, so we want to make it easy to find as much help as possible to solve your problem.

Their is always a hierarchy tree on the left to tell you how you got to this article and where it sits in the knowledge base, allowing for easy reference.

We can also see how many people are reading each article, giving our team an idea of what areas are causing issues and where we can improve MyDesktop to be easier to use.


Training and Webinars


Our Customer Success Team is now larger than ever, and they are all contributing to building are large repository of short training videos which will now sit within help articles and the training page of Agent Help Centre.

You will also be able to sign up to webinars through the Help Centre and keep track of when upcoming training is due. If you happened to miss a training session, recorded versions will be made available to you. These will remain office and brand specific.

This section will also contain ability to book face to face training.


Product Updates


There is always so much happening with MyDesktop that it is hard to keep all users up to speed. Through this new Product Updates page, the MyDesktop team will be able to keep you abreast of all the latest great new features and fixes to existing features.


System Alerts


The most annoying thing is when MyDesktop isn’t working as you expect and you just don’t know what is going on. Currently you would probably call our support team, but now via Agent Help Centre you will be able to see any updates to the current status of MyDesktop.

There may also be times when a lot of people are experiencing the same problem. Our ‘trending’ articles module will show which articles people are searching for and reading, and typically will be articles relating to issues you may be experiencing along with a lot of other people.

These systems allow you to find out information and solutions much quicker than calling or emailing our support team.


Log a Support Ticket


You will still be able to log support tickets with our fantastic support team. Now, you will be able to track your tickets too, see the latest updates from our team and receive notification when your tickets have progressed. It’s the old support tracker turbocharged!


User Levels, Access and Reporting


For Principals, business owners, franchise teams, there are sophisticated user access controls within Agent Help Centre. You will be able to access reporting on support tickets and turnaround and what your network is going to support for.


This is a huge step up in terms of the quality of service provided to MyDesktop users. We are looking forward to hearing from you about the Agent Help Centre. It will be available to you once you are on Agent Identity Manager