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We know that data is the most important asset a real estate agent has. We know this because over many years, MyDesktop has built to accomodate the different roles in an agency, and the many rules around data access each role carries.

In Australia, it has been estimated that identity theft costs $15billion annually. In 2013, 3 billion Yahoo accounts were compromised. Closer to home, the Australian military was hacked due to weak passwords. This sort of crime impacts real estate agents too, with over $700k stolen from a trust account in 2017.

This is why MyDesktop is investing heavily and continuously in your security. For the last half year, we have been working on new security infrastructure to bring MyDesktop to an international standard along the likes of Google and Facebook. This is the type of security you experience in your personal and business banking.

What is happening?


MyDesktop is moving to an identity provider called Agent Identity Manager, powered by Domain Group. This is an industry-leading identity and authentication provider maintaining high international standards including Oauth 2.0.

From 4 December 2017, you will be required to login to MyDesktop with a unique email address. This will be how we identify you. An email address provides a lot of security benefits, such as:

  • It is easy for you to remember;
  • It is unique to you worldwide and only accessible by you.
  • When we verify your email address, we send a unique link to your email. This means that only you can confirm that email address.

Other than having to use your email address, the vast majority of you won’t notice any changes. The MyDesktop team will be actively engaging with those users who may be impacted by this change.


Why should you be excited for this upgrade


The benefits of this security upgrade are massive.


Industry leading 


Agent Identity Manager adheres to these protocols. With Agent Identity Manager, we will be able to complete the following modern day security necessities:

  • Email verification. We will require you to confirm and verify your email address, meaning we know it is actually you and not someone else.
  • In future, can enforce minimum password strength and self-reset capability.
  • 2 factor authentication with SMS. To login and make account security changes, we will be able to send you an SMS to your personal phone number to guarantee it is you logging in and making changes to your account. This is a world standard in banking and other business software tools such as Google for Work.


Superior User Management


Agent Identity Manager is the base foundation we need to create an easy to use, powerful, user management experience for your offices. Administrators will be able to:

  • Easily setup new users
  • Create ‘user role’ templates allowing for consistent user access permissions across your team.
  • Ensure the right users have the right access.
  • Transition users between or out of offices.


Audit Trails


Along with easier user management, Agent Identity Manager also allows for better tracking of user events or audit trails. We know this is a big need for Principals, office admins and agents with the move towards open databases there is a growing need to see who is changing what.


All New Agent Help Centre


The all new agent support centre is a big leap forward in terms of service to you our users. The Agent Support Centre gives you the following:

  • Searchable knowledge base allowing you to find the answers yourself quicker.
  • Log and track support tickets.
  • Sign up to and review your training webinars and appointments.
  • Access training videos and previous webinars you may not have been able to attend.
  • Real time notifications of MyDesktop system status and urgent issues being resolved.
  • The latest news and product updates from the MyDesktop team.

Read more about it here.


Login with other apps


Adopting international standard security protocols now means we can integrate with these systems to improve your experience when logging into Login with Google, Outlook and many more.


Better Integrations


New security platform allows us to bring on even more integration partners, delivering to you the most comprehensive technology solution across all aspects of your business.

We have 300+ integrations already, and Agent Identity Manager will improve how third party integrations perform and allow for new ones to come on board faster.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Our new FAQ page can be found here.