Domain announces the sale of MyDesktop

On Tuesday 3rd of March 2020, Domain announced the sale of its market-leading customer relationship management (CRM) product.

Real Estate Investar in a partnership with VaultRE will be taking over the operations of MyDesktop from the Domain Group. Real Estate Investar is headed up by Simon Baker and Joe Hanna and the VaultRE team of Scott Wulff, Adam Campbell, David James and Matt Healy will be supporting the management of MyDesktop.

We recognise the importance of CRM systems to every real estate agent across Australia and want to ensure you have access to a world class CRM product with an ambitious development roadmap to meet all your key requirements. MyDesktop has a bright future in the hands of an enterprise SaaS business set up to specialise in CRM solutions for the real estate industry.

VaultRE was founded by Scott Wulff, the original founder of MyDesktop, so they are best positioned to ensure a seamless transition over time. Together MyDesktop and VaultRE’s CRM platform will be a market leader in both scale and new product development. VaultRE already has an array of new features and functionalities like trust accounting and a property management module.

Domain is committed to providing a range of services focused on helping you, our agent partners, to find and win the next listing, market and sell the property quickly and for the best possible price, and help run a profitable and resilient business.

In Domain Group’s next phase of growth we will help agencies surface rich and timely insights. We will also deliver these insights in a way that makes it easier for you. In whatever CRM, platform, or workflow you like to use and through our trusted products like Homepass, Pricefinder and Real Time Agent.

As a result, although MyDesktop remains a widely used and successful product, we feel Domain owning a CRM is not the best way Domain can support agents and address their core needs. Domain will continue to work closely with Real Estate Investar and VaultRE moving forward to maintain integrations with our remaining agent services products and deliver new data matching solutions and insights to our agent partners.

Given Domain’s ongoing partnership with you and your business, it was important that we found a new owner for MyDesktop with the expertise and intent to invest in developing a world class CRM product. We believe this is the best next step for MyDesktop and will minimise the impact of any transition whilst opening up benefits for MyDesktop customers.

For questions regarding MyDesktop or PCloud, please contact or reach out to your Domain Account Manager. The transaction is anticipated to complete in late March 2020. We will continue to update you through the transition process.

You should also shortly receive communications from the VaultRE providing more detail regarding what this sale means for you moving forward.


Tony Blamey
Group Director, Commercial
Domain Group