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MyDesktop Customer charter

Customer charter

Our Mission Statement To be a trusted place that people LOVE, to connect with others when making key decisions in their daily lives.

our values (how we get there)

  • Innovation constantly challenging the status quo
  • Transparency Listen & respond quickly to our customers and each other
  • Accountability we are highly accountable and we deliver on our commitments
  • Working Together to provide customers with outstanding products and services

our principals

Our customer experience principal
How we put it into practice
To have the best people for our customers to work with
We have the best people to give customers the best service. MyDesktop is designed for real estate agents by people who truly understand real estate and the needs of customers.

Our people have real estate industry experience and understand the complexities and most importantly the opportunities that integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solutions offer.

We train our team to the highest level and ensure they engage with customers, plus are at the leading edge of real estate technology solutions. In doing so, we retain the talent within our business, which is particularly important to ensure consistency in customer service and technology innovation.
To listen to our customers and focus on what’s most important to them
We make it easy for customers to tell us what they think. And we reach out to ask them what they need.

We always listen and prioritise to ensure we focus where our customers need us most, and take pride in swift and customised solutions.
To change is something we do with our customers, not to them
We're always striving to do better, so change is inevitable. It's how we adapt that keeps us at the cutting edge. We believe in collaborating with our customers, sharing insights, and working with them on the why, the how, and the when.

Change works best when we change together.
To be human, easy to deal with, and get the job done
We're approachable and deal with our customers with respect, empathy and understanding. We don't let bureaucracy prevent us from servicing our customers quickly, honestly and with their best interests at heart.

We take ownership and we do what we say. Our customers are busy people so we get back to them fast. We add that personal touch, relishing the challenge of customised solutions. We're enthusiastic about what we do and this comes through in the energy and creativity we bring to our client relationships.
To provide the highest quality products and services
We strive to provide the most accessible and user friendly real estate CRM technology solutions, empowering our customers to efficiently manage client relationships and sales to achieve business success.

We are an agile business, yet enjoy big business relationships and enterprise level systems reliability. We create products that are easy to use, that harness our partnerships with Domain and other real estate portals and technology providers.

When something falls short, we listen and we respond immediately.