Get Leads

Reach prospects quicker

Receive online enquiries, action easily by sending preset quote templates, easily generate CMAs, pitches and appraisals.

Your unique email and physical print campaigns

Use inbuilt, and integrated, design tools to create high quality templates for use by your office and franchise when contacting prospects.

The best of property data at your fingertips.

We have deep integrations with property data leaders Pricefinder and RP Data/Core Logic.

Customisable dashboard

Customise your dashboard to view the most relevant information to your business, and quickly action items such as our Buyer Match tools.

Track Performance

Monitor your own and your office’s performance

Utilise extensive range of widgets to add monitoring metrics to your dashboard.

Create and measure your performance

Setup KPI and commission targets for yourself or for your agents, and easily monitor progress via your dashboard.

Monitor your level of engagement with your contacts

Our RScore feature gives you a score based on recent activity relating to each contact, making it easy to prioritise and maintain relationships.

Keep your office motivated through healthy competition

Setup commission leadership boards for your offices to follow.

Manage Listings

Access to all major property portals Australia and NZ

Domain, and more. Continuously adding more international portals.

Load to your own website

We support listings to agency websites, and can even recommend developers to help you build your website.

High quality listings

We support high resolution photography, no need to compromise your listings.

Auto capture of enquiries

Setup campaigns to respond to online enquiries, don’t lose any potential leads.

Manage OFIs easily

Book OFIs, see your OFI schedule, all from the palm of your hand via the MyDesktop apps.

Property management from the best

We integrate with the industry leading property management software, such as REST, Palace and more.

Highly customisable property listings

Setup custom fields to capture unique information you believe is important to making your listings successful.

Extensive Vendor reporting

Capture all information vital to your customers such as OFIs conducted, number of enquiries, marketing channels utilised and so on.

Build Relationships

Engage with your contacts over many mediums

Preset engagement campaigns through email templates, print templates and SMS campaigns.

Easily collect and update important information

Via our mobile apps, you can easily create and update customer details and buyers requirements, as well as schedule tasks.

Easily manage your day to day

Using our Tasks List, easily create and maintain your daily to do list, and prioritise those highest potential relationships.

Customise action plans to reflect your unique approach

Our action plans are a series of tasks and reminders that reflect your unique approach to customer service.

Contact database management made easy

Easily manage your contact data with our advanced duplicate check tools.

Match buyers to your latest listings.

Our Buyer Match tool makes it easy to match your newest listings with suitable buyers in your database.

Financial Management

Complete sales trust management solution

Handle all sales trust transactions in MyDesktop.

Review and allocate advertising spend

Using our Advertising Ledger, keep track of advertising spend and easily allocate to final calculation of commissions.

Maintain commissions across your office

Maintain commission structure at an office level, and on a per listing level as well.


Office Administration

Have complete oversight with our extensive reporting system

Utilise our extensive customer and property reporting modules to access insights into all aspects of your business.

Offsite backup

To ensure all your historical data is safe, we offer offsite backup.