MyDesktop at the centre of your office supports many powerful integrations!


Take advantage of industry leading property service to enhance your database. Utilise this integration to get easy access to Property Reports, CMAs and so much more.


Set your OFIs in MyDesktop, then one-click manage your OFI, easily capture contact data and attendence records that are then synced to your database in MyDesktop.


Lively Leaderboards. Engage Your Staff!
Motivate your team with leaderboards, focusing on individual progress. Countdown time to win!


Manage your agency’s finances easily with this integration with Xero. Advertising, commissions, sales trust and supports ABA files.


Take your marketing efforts to the next level with Activepipe, and map out your customer’s journey.


Create the most amazing online and physical marketing collateral with MyDesign, creating the most relavent and unique messaging to match your customer’s needs as captured in MyDesktop.


Houseroo tracks and manages the buying and selling journey between all stakeholders, keeping everyone across where things are at anytime, anyplace.

Tenant Options

Tenant Options is an application efficiency program that streamlines the rental application process through Smart Referencing for Property Managers. The objective of Tenant Options is to facilitate a more streamlined application process for the residential property market.


Boost your marketing efforts with the help of the team at Campaign Track, creating beautiful marketing collateral and floorplans.


Property management made seamless, integrate your property database with Rockend to provide a seamless experience for your property management team.

Customer Monitor

Customer surveying made easy, make sure your office is performing at it’s best with easy to create customer surveys.


Create marketing collateral that pops out, and also your agency’s business cards and branding.


Push data easily to REINZ and get information on the New Zealand proepty market. Essential to any New Zealand realtor.