We are bringing a brand new look to the property details page, the heart of MyDesktop. This is the first step in a new look MyDesktop.

New look property page

The new property page design is now much clearer and modern. This page is the heart of your every day job, and we understand it is difficult to continually scroll. That is why we have added a static action bar which can always be seen, so no matter where you are, you can save the page, attach relevant files without having to scroll all the way back to the top.


The new property page menu

The largest change is to the navigation. You can see the new version below.

New property page navigation


As compared to the old version


We have simplified the look of the menu. Now just the most popular items are permanently visible, with additional options hidden behind an expandable menu button on the right hand side. This expandable menu will be arranged alphabetically.


All new action bar

A new feature to the property page is the action bar.

This bar contains important actions, particularly ‘Save’. This bar remains on screen as you scroll through the long property form, which means that you no longer have to scroll all the way to the top or bottom, improving the speed at which you can complete your job.


We hope you enjoy the new look, and lookout for similar updates across other pages of MyDesktop.