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Why is this migration happening?

There are a lot of products in the Domain family, but there is only one of you. Rather than having to remember multiple login details, this migration will allow you to access all of the Domain products you use with the same details.

From our end, a single user directory makes it a lot easier for us to focus on providing you with a more secure and seamless experience, whether it’s on, MyDesktop or another product of ours.

Wait – who is Domain and what does it have to do with MyDesktop?

In short, we are family. MyDesktop is part of Domain’s product suite, along with Pricefinder, and other great solutions for agents.

As one of Australia’s leading real estate portals, Domain is committed to creating a strong ecosystem for agents like you to easily access and manage all of their accounts at once.

What’s actually happening in the background?

Great question; we love the technical details, too! Basically, we have a centralised user directory at Domain called Domain Authentication. Its job is to log Domain users in to their accounts, and to log Agents in to their Agent Admin accounts. Once this migration is complete, this directory will also be used to log MyDesktop users into their accounts.
We’re doing this by linking your existing MyDesktop account to your existing Domain Authentication account (if you have one; for example, if you ever log in to the Domain app or website to shortlist properties, then you will have a Domain Authentication account). If you don’t have a Domain Authentication account, we’ll create a new one for you and link your MyDesktop account to it.
Once you’ve been migrated, you’ll be all set to log in to your MyDesktop account via this centralised user directory. Don’t worry about that part for now; we’ll walk you through it when the time comes.

When will my account be migrated over?

Over the next couple of months, we’ll be migrating users on an office-by-office basis. We’re starting with smaller offices, then onto larger offices and those with more complex feature sets, and finishing with corporate offices.

How will I know if I am being migrated?

Once we’re ready to migrate all of the accounts in your office, you’ll see a pop-up window the next time you log-in. It will read, “Time for an upgrade!” and will explain how to initiate your account migration. We’ll walk you through the process from there, so keep an eye out for that pop-up window.

What’s in it for me?

Once migrated, we’re confident you’ll enjoy a more seamless experience across MyDesktop and other Domain products. Plus, you’ll only need to remember one password, and you’ll only need to manage one account.

Can I keep logging in through the same website link?

Sure, feel free keep to using

However, once you’ve migrated you’ll need to log in by clicking on the button that says ‘Log in with Domain Group’:

Will I still have access to my data?

Absolutely. Nothing is changing with your data, it’s just being connected to a new set of login details.

Once I’ve migrated, what info will I use to access MyDesktop?

Instead of logging in with a username as you do now, you’ll log in using an email address and password. We’ll help you configure these during the migration process.

Can I still use my username instead of my email address?

No. Once your account has migrated, you’ll need to use your email address to log in. If you already have a account, we recommend you use that email address during the migration process.

Technically, your username will still work on the old mobile app and through the old sign-in link, but you won’t be able to access your new account through those channels. So for all intents and purposes, consider your username extinct once you’ve migrated.

What if I already have a account?

Easy! If the email you provide for migration is already registered as a Domain account, we will find it, have you login, and then connect your MyDesktop account.

How do I change the email address associated with my Domain account?

To update your Domain account, login via

What if I don’t have a unique email address?

No sweat. If your office doesn’t provide you with a unique email address (for example, maybe you’re using “”) then you can use your personal email address.

What if I don’t want to use my email address for portal listings?

You won’t have to. The email address used to setup your Domain account during this migration process is independent of the email address sent to portals.

They can be the same email address or different, it’s up to you and your office.

What happens if I have multiple MyDesktop accounts?

Good news – You’ll be able to connect multiple MyDesktop accounts to the same Domain account. When you log in, you can choose which office you want to access.

If you have any questions about how to connect your multiple accounts during the migration, just contact us so we can guide you.

How can I reset my password?

If you can’t remember your password and are stuck on the login screen after hitting the ‘Log in with Domain Group’ button, simply click the link titled Problem signing in? 

If you’re already logged in and just want to change your password, click the user drop down menu in the top right hand corner and click the reset password link.

Will Domain have my data?

MyDesktop and Domain have strict rules and infrastructure setup to keep data separate as per the Terms and Conditions provided when you setup your account with MyDesktop.

Will the features I have access to be impacted?


How do I log into AgentToolbox and the MyDesktop Contacts app?

For now, you can still access these apps using your original username and password. Soon however, you’ll need to log into MyDesktop Contacts using your new Domain account – and Agent Toolbox will be phased out. But don’t worry, Homepass will allow you to do all those great things and more.

What if I have two factor authentication (2FA) configured on my MyDesktop account?

To continue using 2FA for your MyDesktop account, just turn on 2FA through the Domain Accounts portal (

What if I have two factor authentication (2FA) configured on my Domain account?

If you have 2FA enabled for your new Domain account, it will work just the same with MyDesktop. When you sign in, a code will be sent to your nominated mobile phone number that you can enter to complete sign in.

We don’t use Domain in New Zealand, does this migration still apply to me?

You bet. Domain will be used to power all MyDesktop user accounts.

I have two MyDesktop accounts but only 1 email address, how will this work?

You can access all of your MyDesktop accounts through your one single Domain account, which means you only have to remember one email address and one password for everything.

Sound like you? Contact us and we’ll get it sorted.