Today we deployed an update to the MyDesktop v1.2 Integrations API which impacts the: GET /contactnotes/recent endpoint. The change was made to optimise performance.


  • We have added a default value for the untildate parameter. This parameter currently expects a date in the yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss format. If not set, or set greater than 24 hours from the insertdate parameter, it will default to 24 hours from the mandatory insertdate parameter.
  • We have removed the orderby parameter. Continuing to pass this parameter will have no effect. Contact notes will be ordered returned unordered (but can be sequenced subsequently by date).

We do not foresee a negative impact of this change. All records will remain accessible using a combination of the two date parameter. Certain situations may required an additional call to capture all notes from an extended timeframe.

This endpoint is infrequently used by integrators, and those who use it have been communicated to directly. If you were not included in this communication, and depend upon this endpoint, please contact