You’re not alone. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve been getting:


What’s happening?

Things are about to get easier for you. As you know, the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) requires all real estate agents or licensed salespeople to submit their sales data on a monthly basis. Currently, you might do this manually or you might be one of the limited users submitting via an old FTP feed. The good news is, MyDesktop has now integrated with the REINZ’ API, which will automatically send any sales data without you having to lift a finger (once you’ve set up the REINZ end-of-month (EOM) integration).


How do I setup the REINZ EOM integration?

That’s also easy! There are just two simple steps that we’ve outlined below. Once complete, your sold property data will be automatically submitted to REINZ, so start thinking of what you’ll do with all that extra free time.

Step 1

Find the REINZ input box in the user details screen. This is accessed via Settings (COG) Menu > Admin > User Management > User Details screen.

For this integration, you only need to input your individual REINZ ID in the username box, then click ‘update’.

You do not require a password.

Step 2

Find the office REINZ input box in the company profile screen. This is access via Settings (COG) Menu > Admin > Edit Company Profile.

Input the Office REINZ ID, then click ‘update’. Done, it’s that simple!

Your Office REINZ ID can be obtained from REINZ directly. It always has a format of numbers with an * in it.


I don’t know my REINZ details.

If you need to update your REINZ membership details, or have forgotten your password, you can call REINZ on 0800 473 469 or email

For further information on REINZ membership, see their website here.


At what stage is my property considered ‘sold’, and data sent to REINZ?

A property is considered sold when it is marked as ‘Unconditional’ in MyDesktop.


Once I have saved my details, when does data begin being collected?

The change is immediate, so the next property you set to unconditional will be submitted to REINZ.


What month will the first property data be submitted for?

The integration will be rolled out from June 5 to 7, so the first full month of data will be July 2018. Make sure you have submitted your data to REINZ up to the release date.


When is my sold property data sent to REINZ?

Sold property data is submitted as soon as a property’s status is set to unconditional.


What data is sent to REINZ?

REINZ will be sent:

  • Address
  • Price
  • Property status dates eg listing date, sold date
  • Size and features

Why hasn’t my listing data been received by REINZ?

Sometimes listings won’t make it through to REINZ, most likely because information is missing or incorrect. If your listing doesn’t feed through, it may be because:

  • You’ve entered your REINZ credentials incorrectly, either in your user details page or the company profile page
  • The property is missing a sales price
  • The property is missing a land area ( it must equal at least 1)
  • The Property List Date is greater than the Agreement Date on the property
  • The Agreement Date is missing

What happens if I need to reverse, re-list or withdraw, a property from unconditional status?

These things happen. If you need to reverse, re-list or withdraw a property from its unconditional status, just contact REINZ with the updated information (unfortunately, we can’t send updates to REINZ on our end once a property has been set to unconditional).


I didn’t sell any properties this month, do I need to do anything?

You’ll still need to submit a Nil return to REINZ, via the REINZ website.